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I grew up in northwest Ohio. I've lived here my entire life. I have 2 younger brothers ages 12 and 14. My favorit food is seafood. I,ve liked seafood since I was a kid because I grew up on it, but my all time favorite is sushi. I have 2 dogs, a boston terrier named Hanna and a German Sheperd, Blue Heeler mix named Axel.

Favorite Video Games

  1. Apex Legends

    I like Apex the most because of mostly the game mechanics. Apex Legends is what's known as a hero battle royal. Which essentially boils down to you picking a character and fighting other people in a last team standing battle. The game mechanics aren't he only thing i like though. The way the guns work in apex is also pretty great. The guns all feel smooth to use, although some of them have quite a steep learning curve.

  2. Hades

    Hades is in my top 5 because of the type of game it is not necessarily because of mechanics like Apex was. Hades is whats known as a dungeon crawler/rogue like. Rogue likes are games where you upgrade as you go in Hades' case you get stronger by collecting things throughout the dungeons, which you can spend after you die. Hades is one of the only games I know that encourages dying.

  3. Minecraft

    Come on do I really have to explain myself here Minecraft has been in the top 10 best selling games for years Minecraft was released in 2009 and still is one of the most popular games of all time. Which speaks for itsself. I've been playing Minecraft since it came out and still have yet to get bored of it or run out of things to do.

  4. Friday Night Funkin

    Friday Night Funkin a.k.a FNF is known as a rythym game. I dont really know how to explain it but think guitar hero. FNF has so many mods, each of which having their own songs. There's not much base game content, however the game isnt fully released yet so there is still much more to look foward too.

  5. SplitGate

    SplitGate is a shooter game that came out not too long ago, so i dont have much to say about it because it's still in beta. The maps and guns run pretty smooth which is good for a game thats still in beta.

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